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We have to talk about Lovebot.

So, Toronto is a pretty cool city. It’s not known for its beauty, food, weather (for a large portion of the year), or its friendliness to the cycling community, evidenced by the many city cyclist I know. But it IS known for its art community (and its crack smoking mayor, but that’s a story for another blog), and the art community is pretty damn cool!! Take this guy for instance—Matthew Del Degan. He created the Lovebot, a superfun supersweet looking cement robot that lurks (in a friendly way) around corners, with the aim of making you smile. Lovebot is a revolution, and it’s coming to a neighbourhood near you.

I used to live in Midtown Toronto, and I once saw Lovebot placed right outside the door of Mabel’s Fables on Mount Pleasant road on a sunny Sunday afternoon when the shop was closed. Well, I laughed all the way home. Lovebot is a heavy guy. I think that if I had been the owner/shop opener of Mabel’s Fables, I would have had a hard time getting in on Monday morning. Only for the uncontrollable laughter. (**edit** I have since found out that Lovebot has been a part of Mabel’s Fables Angel program, so Lovebot’s visit was expected) Unfortunately, I did not get a picture BUT…

I’ve seen the Lovebot at school…



And I have recently moved Downtown. And I got a bike. Which means that I don’t have as long a time to digest the awesomeness that I pass, but I recently took a walk to my friend Mary‘s exhibition at SKETCH (Both TOTALLY worth clicking on, by the way!!), and came across this little LOVEBOT reminder…

LOVEBOT streetart on Shaw near Trinity Bellwoods Park

LOVEBOT streetart at the old boarded up Catholic church on Shaw near Trinity Bellwoods Park

I am new to biking around a city so big, but I can honestly say that every time I pass this statue (which is often), I smile. I have also received reports from others that have had the same reaction. Clearly LOVEBOT is doing its job.

I am also currently working as a co-curator on this little project called FIGMENT (full blog post to follow), and I would reeealy like to get LOVEBOT involved. I’m hoping that LOVEBOT creator Mathew Del Degan will be willing… Matthew??


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Vicki Clough

Vicki Clough

Vicki is an independent curator and craftsperson with a focus on socially engaged and participatory art and events. In January 2016 she helped launch Reconstructing Resilience, a research and curatorial project that explored various forms of sustainable practice. As a freelance curator she has worked with the Riverdale Hub, Myseum of Totonto/Art Spin and was the Curatorial Director of Figment Toronto from 2014 to 2017. She has also co-curated exhibitions including JAYU's iAM photography project (2016 & 2017), Move to Stillness, for the Harbourfront Centre's Kick Up Your Heels Festival (2015), The Duel, AGO First Thursdays (2014), and What Are You Made Of? OCAD U Graduate Gallery (2013). She initiated the Toronto based workshop model and website Polymers in Action: Socially Engaged Art and the Environment as part of her studies at OCAD University, where she obtained her Master of Fine Arts degree in Criticism and Curatorial Practice. She publishes on anything that interests her deeply and moves her to the point of lengthy verbal expression.

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